Terms and conditions of the rental agreement 

 Article 1 


  • rental company: Bike Rental Delivery, the company who is making the car available. 
  • renter: the person(s) to whom the car are being made available, for them to be used during an agreed rental period after a financial compensation. 
  • rental period: the rental period is the period between the times where the car and parts are made available to the renter and are handed in by the renter at the Rental Company. A rental period consists of at least 24 hours. 

Article 2 

The renter is at least 18 years old. Persons younger than 18 years must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or adult supervisor. 

Article 3 

The renter receives the car and parts in a good state. The rental company is supposed to deliver the car and parts in a good state. 

Article 4 

At the start of the rental, the rental company will make two copies of a rental agreement, wherein is written down a definition of the car en parts which are made available, and also for which period the car and parts are available to the renter, and the owed rent and deposit. The rent and deposit are to be paid at the start of the rental period. The renter must return the rented car and parts in the same state at the end of the rental period, as it was made available at the start. When returning the car and parts, after a technical control, and there is no observed damage, the deposit will be refunded. When damages or defects are being found, which are not to be blamed on normal wear, the damage will be held in on the deposit according to the applicable rates (depending on the type of car). When the damage is higher than the deposit, the renter is immediately required to comply the difference. The damage will be noted on the rental agreement. The renter is required to immediately register every damage or accident with the rental company. The Bike rental company can never be sewed for damage on 3rd pty’s or injury by renters or 3rd pty’s. 

Article 5 

If the renter hands in the car and parts before the end of the rental period, there is no refund. 

Article 6 

Extending the rental period is only possible after consent of the rental company and after payment for the extra days against the fixed rates. When the rental period is extended this will be added to the rental agreement. 

Article 7 

After expiration of the rental period the car and parts will be picked up by the rental company on the time mentioned in the rental agreement, at the residence address of the renter. When the car and parts are not present on the agreed time, the rental period will automatically be extended with an additional 24 hours, each time, until the car and parts are in possession of the rental company. 

Article 8 

The renter has to take good care of the car (s). As such, the renter needs to take every pro-caution against damage, loss or theft of the car (s). The car are for the use of maximum 2 persons at a time, and for that matter it is prohibited to ride one car with more than two persons. 

Article 9 

If there is a flat tire the renter can call the company during office hours.. The rental company will repair the tire at the spot or will exchange the car for another car in the same category. The repair cost of a flat tire is €15,00. 

Article 10 

car may not be used on unpaved roads. The breakdown service (for all types of bicycles) is only possible on paved roads. In the National Park the breakdown service is not available. 

Article 11 

The renter is liable for all damages on and loss of the car or parts of it, and on car keys and chains or locks. The damage amount is determined by the rental company in accordance with the prevailing rates for repair and/or replacement. The car is (are) not insured against liability or hull damage. The rental company is never liable for any physical damage of the renter or third parties. 

Article 12 

The car (s) is (are) not insured for theft or damage. It is possible, at the start of the rental agreement, to insure the car for theft. The cost amounts to €15,00 per day per car. If the renter decides not to insure, the renter has to at least pay the daily rate of the car, plus transport costs and import levy, when stolen. 

Article 13 

If the deposit is paid in cash, the renter is obliged to insure the car with the rental company for the above amounts. 

Article 14 

If the car and/or parts are stolen, the renter is obliged to report this to: 

1. The local police 

2. The rental company +599-7011441 

There has to be an official report, made by the police. A copy of the official report has to be handed in at the rental company as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours after the theft. 

Article 15 

When the residence address in Holland changes during the rental period, the renter needs to immediately notify the rental company of this change. 

Article 16 

Dutch law applies to this rental agreement.